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Francis-Orr Beverly Hills is a fine stationery and gift store once located at 320 North Camden Drive, one block west of Rodeo Drive, within the Beverly Hills Golden Triangle. Once recognized as Beverly Hills oldest store, it was founded by Estelle Francis and Estella Orr in 1924 as a haven for personal stationery, gifts, and office supplies.

The store then spent 35 years on North Rodeo Drive, before moving in 1974 to 320 North Camden Drive.  It was proven to be a favored destination store of celebrated Angelenos past and present, as well as visitors to the city and local citizens.  U.S. presidents have shopped at our store along with celebrities you know and love.  The Guss family, who has owned Francis-Orr for over half a century, takes pride in serving their longtime, satisfied patrons and looks forward to welcoming new ones.

Over the years we have sourced vendors globally to provide elite and special products to complete every room of your home or office.  We realized that it was the finishing touches that mattered most to giving a room in your home or office its unique personality.  We discovered that these fine products help you tell your own story about what you like and make each room feel special.  The ability to find these unique products has been a family secret for over fifty years.

Our gifts are always a “Step Above” the ordinary.  Let us find these treasures for you so you can enjoy them.  Whether you choose a gift for your own family or for others they will see and feel the true quality of our products.  We have searched the world over to find you the best gifts and stationary available.  We encourage you to tell your story by choosing our special gifts to enhance each room of your home or office!

Francis-Orr Beverly Hills found its formula for success long ago: to present competitively priced quality merchandise and the best in customer service.  Aside from personalized stationery and invitations, Francis-Orr offers a fine selection of contemporary and traditional gifts, which can be beautifully wrapped in specialty paper. Francis-Orr also offers leather personalization and silver engraving – the perfect gift for a wedding, engagement or graduation!

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